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Accident reconstruction

Talbott Associates is a regional leader in Traffic Accident Reconstruction, contributing scholarly articles, providing knowledgeable speakers for professional events, and even spinning off a leading software company that provides cutting-edge accident reconstruction and animation software.  Reasoned and scientific analysis of truck, car, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents is our specialty.  TAI provides expert opinions as to speed, force, avoidance and visibility in traffic accidents by analyzing the physics of moving and crushing objects.  Careful scene examinations often yield information that is missed by law enforcement, legal or insurance personnel.  Highly detailed and accurate vehicle inspections are possible using our in-house hydraulic vehicle lift.  TAI also routinely analyzes non-roadway accidents involving construction equipment, cranes, logging equipment, all-terrain vehicles, and industrial machines. Licensed professional engineers strive to provide the finest in customer service with timely, accurate, clear opinions.

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Traffic accident reconstruction for consumer vehicles and light trucks may involve speeds, forces, visibility, avoidance, spins, rollovers, ejections, injury evaluation, traffic engineering, light-bulb and lighting evaluation, downloading stored crash-related data from most cars, and creating accurate, understandable diagrams, exhibits, and animations.

Boyer, T., “Accident Reconstruction for Paralegals,” guest lecturer, University of Hawaii Law School, 3/2007.

Heavy Truck
Traffic accident reconstruction for trucks additionally involves air brake analysis, Federal Commercial Vehicle Safety Standards, tip-over stability, product defects, conspicuity, underride protection, vehicle crash-worthiness, driver skills and commercial driver recordkeeping.

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Construction Equipment
Product defects, runaway equipment, loading beyond rated capacity, control systems, fires, and rollovers are among the cases TAI has managed.

Heavy cranes tip-over or collapse under load due to overweight, overextension, poor maintenance or defective design.  TAI can help you understand the causes.

TAI can help determine whether a logging accident was due to design, maintenance, or operational errors.

Man-machine interfaces, machine defects, guarding or lock-out defects, PLC controller programming errors, fires, failures of machines, silos, storage racks, and lift equipment are TAI’s specialty.